Flameproof Gas Detectors

FGD10 Series infrared and non-infrared Series

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Flameproof Fixed Gas Detectors are used in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres where, due to the nature of the environment or the industrial process taking place, there is the risk of an incendive spark from electrical apparatus causing an explosion to occur and the organisation responsible for the safety of the area requires that electrical equipment be enclosed within a flameproof enclosure (also known as an FLP, Ex d or explosion-proof enclosure).

Examples are the oil, gas and chemicals industries.

Status Scientific Controls offer the following ranges of Low Cost flameproof gas detectors:-

Type FGD10 Series


The series comprises detectors with or without a window and digital display. They can be supplied either in aluminium (standard type) or grade 316 stainless steel (suffix '-SS' )

Versions are available for detection of the following common gas types (most other flammable gas types are also available upon request) - follow the links below for further information:-

Pellistor Replacement Infrared Hydrocarbon Gas Detector Type FGD 5/6-IR

Pellistor Replacement Infrared Gas Detector

The FGD5/6-IR is a direct replacement for existing pellistor-type Flammable (Hydrocarbon) gas detector heads typically used within the oil and gas industry.

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Explosion Proof Gas Sensor Type GSH3

Flammable Gas Sensor Type GSH3

A flameproof gas sensor head for the detection of Flammable (Hydrocarbon) Gases using 'Pellistor' Technology.

Further information...

TD06/196.pdf - GSH3 Gas Sensor Head

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