Intrinsically Safe Gas Detectors

What is an Intrinsically Safe Gas Detector?

An Intrinsically Safe Gas Detector is one which is intended for use in a potentially explosive atmosphere where, due to the nature of the environment or the industrial process taking place, there is the risk of an incendive spark from electrical apparatus causing an explosion.

These gas detectors are designed so that the energy produced in the event of an electrical fault is insufficient to cause an incendive spark.

An Electrical Safety Barrier Device must be used to connect power and signals between the gas detector and the 'Safe Area' (i.e. the area outside the potentially explosive atmosphere where mains powered equipment exists). This is necessary in order to preserve the safety integrity of the installation by limiting the power entering the potentially explosive atmosphere to a safe level - refer to the Accessories section for details of suitable barriers.

Examples are the water, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industries.

Status Scientific Controls offer the following ranges of intrinsically safe gas detectors:-

Type FGD3 Series

FGD3 Intrinsically Safe Gas Detector

The FGD3 series gas detectors are powered from an intrinsically safe dc power supply and provide an industry standard 4 to 20mA output signal.

They are available for detection of the following common gas types - follow the links below for further information:-

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