Gas Detector Control Panel - 1 to 16 Channel

Gas Detector Control Panel Unit Type MCU4

For use with remote fixed gas detector heads or other environmental sensors.

16-Channel Gas Monitoring Control Unit


  • Can be used with the full range of Status Scientific Controls fixed gas detector heads - certified types require use of an integral safety barrier.
  • Graphical displays with backlight with the ability to display trend data in graphical form.
  • Menu selection via push buttons on front panel.
  • Integral audible alarm.
  • Integral sealed lead-acid standby battery.
  • Integral safety barrier option for each channel.
  • 3 control relays per channel providing LOW, MEDIUM & HIGH alarm level contact outputs for each channel.
  • Common alarm relay contact outputs providing LOW, MEDIUM & HIGH alarms plus FAULT conditions on any channel to power external equipment.
  • Lockable door.
  • Water and dust proof to IP66.
  • Compatible with industry standard gas detectors and other sensors.


Although primarily designed for use with the Status Scientific Controls range of fixed gas detectors, the MCU4 Monitoring and Control Unit provides facilities to accept up to 16 individual inputs from various types of monitoring instruments or transducers. A graphical display is provided to show the status of each channel, display graphs and enable configuration of the unit (e.g. set the alarm levels, program the output relay voting etc.). The unit can be programmed on-site by the user using the password protected configuration facility. Each monitoring channel provides relay contact outputs together with 4 to 20mA and voltage outputs. Data logging of each channel is provided as standard.

Internal Safety Barrier

Internal Safety Barrier

For applications where the gas detector heads (or other sensor type) are sited in a potentially explosive atmosphere, a safety barrier must be fitted to each individual channel in order to limit the maximum voltage and current under a fault condition (e.g. short circuit) such that an incendive spark cannot be created. Where suitable*, the internal safety barrier shown above may be fitted to each of the required channels within the control unit. This can either be fitted at the time of manufacture (where requested) or at a later time if the system is extended by the installation of additional detectors.

*Note that some installations may necessitate the use of external barriers sited at the safe area/hazardous area interface - see the accessories page.


Click here to view the accessories available for use with the control units.

Further Information

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Data Sheet No. Description File Size
TD06/166.pdf Data Sheet 132KB

Order Codes

Stock No. Description
SS310 MCU4 16- Channel Control Unit
SS323 MCU4 16 Channel Enclosure Only
SS503 Internal Safety Barrier (one per channel)

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