Safe Area Gas Detectors - Mains/DC Powered

Fitted with Control Relays

Warning - These gas detectors must only be used in applications where there is no risk of potentially explosive gases being present or of them being created through industrial processes or other activities within the area concerned.

Type FGD14 Series

FGD4 Safe Area Gas Detector

The FGD14 series are stand-alone gas detectors with a front panel display of the gas level. The detectors contain 2 control relays that can be activated via user definable alarm set points; the relay contacts can then be used to control external equipment.

Communication with other equipment such as a PC may be acheived by using the inbuilt RS232 communications port. An audible/visual remote unit is also provided with the detector

Models are available for powering from either:-

  • A mains supply of between 85 and 265 volts ac.
  • A DC power supply from 9 to 30 volts.

Typical applications for the FGD14 series are in:-

  • Water purification processes.
  • Food preparation and/or storage.
  • Car parks.
  • Swimming pools.
  • Medical applications.

They are available for detection of the following common gas types - follow the links below for further information:-

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