Safe Area Gas Detectors - Loop Powered

4 to 20mA Transmitter

Warning - These gas detectors must only be used in applications where there is no risk of potentially explosive gases being present or of them being created through industrial processes or other activities within the area concerned.

Type FGD4 Series

FGD4 Safe Area Gas Detector

The FGD4 series gas detectors are powered from an 8 to 24 volts dc power supply using the industry standard 4 to 20mA two-wire current loop to transmit the gas level to a separate control panel such as the Status Scientific Controls LC Series. The Carbon Dioxide version uses infrared gas detection technology and requires a third connection to power the infrared sensor.

Typical examples of their use are in water purification processes, food preparation and/or storage, car parks, swimming pools, medical applications.

They are available for detection of the following common gas types - follow the links below for further information:-

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