Portable Gas Detector Testing and calibration

Testing and Calibration

In order to ensure the safe and accurate operation of Portable Gas Detectors, they need to be periodically calibrated against reference test gases that are traceable to National Physical Laboratory standards. The recommended calibration period for Status Scientific Controls gas detectors is six months although the frequency may need to be increased where continual exposure to the target gases is experienced.

Between calibrations it is also recommended that the response of the detector is checked using an appropriate test gas cylinder. These cylinders are available in 'large aerosol' form and may be supplied individually or as part of a Field Calibration Kit.

Status Scientific Controls offers a range of support equipment, including compressed gases, for the customer to carry out both calibration and response testing of the Portable Gas Detectors.

Autocalibration Unit

Warning - The Autocalibration Unit must not be used in a potentially explosive atmosphere.

Autocalibration Unit

The Autocalibration unit is suitable for customers who own and calibrate a fleet of Portable Gas Detectors. It operates in conjunction with a PC running purpose designed calibration software provided by Status Scientific Controls. The use of high pressure compressed gas cylinders is required with this unit - these are available from a number of specialist companies who provide a certificate of composition traceable to National Physical Laboratory Standards with each cylinder.

PC Interface or PC Interface/Charger Units

PC Interface Units

A PC Interface Unit or PC Charger/Interface Unit provides cost effective method of calibrating the Portable Gas Detector. They operate in conjunction with a PC running purpose designed calibration software provided by Status Scientific Controls. Test gas cylinders, regulators and sampling adaptors are required in order to present known reference gas levels to the instrument. These are available from Status Scientific Controls either individually or in kit form.

Test Gases for Calibration and Response Testing

Test Gas

Order Codes - Calibration Equipment

Stock No. Description
SS081 Autocalibration Unit c/w software
SS104 Calibration Control Unit
SS105 Field Calibration Kit
SS108 Metal Sample Flow Adaptor & Tubing
SS111 PTFE Sample Flow Adaptor & Tubing (for absorbent gases e.g. Chlorine, Sulphur Dioxide)
SS219 Regulator kit c/w sample adaptors & tubing

Order Codes - Test Gases in Large Aerosol Form (110 Litres of Gas)

Stock No. Description
SS220 Methane 25% LEL, balance air
SS221 Methane 50% LEL, balance air
SS222 Propane 20% LEL, balance ai
SS226 Carbon Monoxide 50ppm, balance air
SS227 Carbon Monoxide 200ppm, balance air
SS229 Hydrogen Sulphide 25ppm, balance Nitrogen
SS230 Sulphur Dioxide 10ppm, balance Nitrogen
SS231 Compressed Air 20.9%
SS232 Propane 50% LEL, balance air
SS233 Carbon Dioxide 2%, balance air
SS234 Methane 99.9% volume
SS235 Methane 30% LEL, balance air
SS236 Carbon Monoxide 65ppm, Methane 1.5% volume, Hydrogen Sulphide 25ppm, Oxygen 18.5%, balance Nitrogen
SS237 Hydrogen Sulphide 80ppm, balance Nitrogen
SS238 Hydrogen Sulphide 30ppm, Methane 2.5% volume, Oxygen 18.5%, balance Nitrogen
SS239 Chlorine 10ppm, balance Nitrogen
SS240 Carbon Monoxide 65ppm, Methane 1.5% volume, Oxygen 18.5%, balance Nitrogen
SS241 Hydrogen 1% volume, balance air
SS242 Nitrogen Dioxide 10ppm, balance air
SS243 Hydrogen Chloride 10ppm, balance Nitrogen
SS244 Hydrogen Cyanide 10ppm, balance Nitrogen

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