Flameproof Propane Gas Detectors FGD10-IR Series Using Infrared Gas Sensor Technology 

Standard range, 0-2% Volume Propane (CH3CH2CH3). 
Detects a range of common Hydrocarbon gases such as Butane, Ethane, Pentane etc. 
Also available in Stainless Steel Grade 316 (as an alternative to aluminium). 
Temperature compensated infrared sensor. 
Plug-in, separately certified Ex d sensor. 
Versions available with or without a display window. 
Window version menu operates via a magnetic pen eliminating the need to open the flameproof enclosure. 
Protective weather guard can be optionally fitted. 
Can be used in conjunction with new LC Series single and multi channel control units in addition to the standard MCU range. 
Output - 4 to 20 mA dc (3-wire). 
8 to 24 volt dc operation. 
Display version is fitted with 3 control relays. 
Various cable gland thread sizes available. 
Certified Ex d IIC to IECEx and ATEX
Approved for use in The Chinese Peoples Republic
Type FGD10A-IR Display Version 
This version has a clear window behind which is fitted a 4 digit LCD display. Four magnetically operated switches behind the window allow the user to configure various operating parameters without opening the flameproof cover. The magnetic switches are operated from outside the window by means of a special magnetic pen. 
Three control relays are fitted to provide Alarm Level 1, Alarm Level 2 and Fault outputs via individual changeover contacts. In addition to the 4 to 20 mA analogue, an RS 232 communications output is also provided. 
Type FGD10B-IR Non-Display Version 
The non-display version provides a cost effective monitoring solution in situations where a local display of the gas level is not required. The unit provides a 4 to 20 mA output. 
Calibration of the FGD10B can be carried out simply by using ZERO and SPAN buttons inside the instrument provided that the concentration of the calibration gas is the same as that used for factory calibration of the detector (refer to the instrument calibration certificate for details). 
Alternatively, the purpose designed plug-in hand held configuration unit shown below may be used together with any appropriate test gas concentration. 
FGD10B Calibration Unit 
Calibration of the FGD10B-IR unit requires the removal of the front cover of the flameproof enclosure and therefore must only be carried out under either of the following conditions:- 
In a safe area where there is no risk of the presence of an explosive gas. 
Within the hazardous area by authorised personnel under controlled conditions after it has been established that no flammable gases are present in the area. Note that a management or health and safety department permit may be required for this to be carried out. 
To carry out a calibration, the operator must open the front cover of the unit, plug in the calibration unit and then present zero and span gases to the sensor during the course of the calibration procedure. 
Stock No. 
FGD10A-IR Propane Gas Detector with Display (4-20mA, Relays & RS232 Outputs) - 0-2% Volume Propane (CH3CH2CH3) 
FGD10B-IR Propane Gas Detector (No Display) (4-20mA Output) - 0-2% Volume Propane (CH3CH2CH3) 
FGD10 Series Flow-Through Sampling Adaptor 
FGD10 Series Calibration Adaptor c/w 1 Metre Tubing 
FGD10B Configuration Unit with USB Cable 
FGD10 Series Protective Weather Guard 
Magnetic Pen for FGD10A Series 
( -3 shown in above codes denotes the calibration gas type, i.e. Propane) 
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