Intrinsically Safe Flammable Fixed Gas Detector FGD3-IR Series Using Infrared Gas Sensor Technology 

Detects a wide range of Hydrocarbon Gases. 
May be purchased pre-calibrated for an alternative target gas such as Ethane, Propane, Butane, Pentane etc. 
Standard range, 0-100% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) or 0-100% volume, pre-calibrated for Methane (CH4). 
Plug-in, separately certified infrared Ex d sensor. 
Suitable for use in Zones 1 and 2 hazardous areas. 
Three wire connection. 
8 to 24 volt dc operation (also requires an additional supply of 5.8 to 7.5 volts dc to power the sensor). 
Industry standard 4 to 20mA output. 
Digital display 
Single operator calibration. 
Optional weather guard available. 
Note - Infrared Gas Sensors cannot be used for the detection of Hydrogen. 
Hazardous Area Certificate No. 
BAS 01ATEX2300 
II 2 G Ex ia IIC T4 Gb (-20 deg. C ≤Ta≤ +60 deg. C) 
The FGD3-IR Infrared Flammable (Hydrocarbon) Gas Detector incorporates the latest generation of compact sensors incorporating infrared technology for the accurate detection of Flammable gas concentrations over various ranges up to 100% volume. The detectors use the industry standard 4-20mA current loop to convey the gas levels detected to a control unit. This means that under zero gas conditions 4mA is drawn from the supply, and under full scale gas conditions 20mA is drawn from the supply. The current varies linearly for gas levels between zero and full scale. The detector heads use a three-wire connection. While the loop current supplies the power required by the detector head electronics within the detector head, a second supply must be provided to power the infrared sensor and its associated circuitry. 
Marine Version 
A marine version of the FGD3-IR is also available. This version is housed in a cast aluminium enclosure to provide higher RFI immunity where high power portable radios are used in the close confines of a vessel. The enclosure is plated and painted in order to withstand the harsh salt spray environment of the marine industry. The digital display is fitted with a sliding stainless steel front cover which remains over the display window when not being viewed thereby maintaining the RFI shielding properties of the enclosure during normal operation. 
FGD3 Weatherguard 
An optional weather guard is available for installations exposed to the atmosphere or contaminants and is also suitable for use in other areas where hosing down takes place. The weather guard reduces the possibility of water or other contaminants entering into the gas sensor thereby improving the overall reliability of the gas detector in harsh environments. The weather guard is attached with tamperproof screws to ensure that it is not inadvertently removed. 
Collector Cone 
A collector cone is available which can be fitted around the sensor inlet in order to concentrate any gas present around the sensor and hence improve the detection ability. Mounting brackets are also available. 
Mounting Kits 
A Swivel Mounting Bracket and Ceiling Mounting Kit is available for use with this range of gas detectors. In addition, a duct mounting kit is also available. Please contact Status Scientific Controls to discuss your particular application. 
Stock No. 
FGD3-IR Flammable Gas Detector - (4-20mA Output) - Range 0-100% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) CH4 
FGD3-IR Flammable Gas Detector - (4-20mA Output) - Range 0-100% volume Methane (CH4) 
FGD3-IR Flammable Gas Detector - Marine Version - (4-20mA Output) - Range 0-100% LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) CH4 
FGD3-IR Flammable Gas Detector - Marine Version - (4-20mA Output) - Range 0-100% volume Methane (CH4) 
FGD3 Series Protective Weather Guard 
FGD3 Series Collector Cone 
FGD3 Series Swivel Mounting Bracket 
FGD3 Series Ceiling Mounting Bracket 
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For Quality Gas Detection at Competitive Prices 
International - +44 (0) 1623 651381 
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