LC Series Low Cost Control Panels - 1, 2 & 4 Channel A Range Of 1, 2, And 4 Channel Units For Use With Fixed Gas Detection Heads And Other Sensors. 


Available in one two and four channel versions. 
Compatible with industry standard gas detectors and other sensors. 
Competitively priced. 
For installation only in non-explosive atmospheres. 
The LC Series comprises one, two and four channel mains-powered monitoring and control units for use with the various Status Scientific Controls ranges of gas detector heads or other sensors. The front panel houses a graphical display (with associated keypad) that shows simultaneously the current reading, sensor type and status (i.e. Alarm, Fault) for each channel and, by use of the menu system, can be used to program various operational features such as the alarm levels and relay operating modes. 
They are housed in a plastic enclosure (ABS or Polycarbonate according to customer requirements) with a clear plastic hinged protective cover. 
Each control channel can accept either of the following types of input:- 
Two-wire, 4 to 20mA current loop. 
Three-wire system comprising a 4 to 20mA current loop and separate power supply. The power supply voltage is provide by the LC control unit and is programmable via the front panel display and associated keypad. 
DC voltage input e.g. from a bridge circuit. 
Outputs proportional to the signal from the gas detector head or other sensor are provided from each channel as follows:- 
Two-wire, 4 to 20mA current loop. 
Voltage output 0 to 5 volts dc. 
The units are fitted with the following control relays:- 
Two alarm relays for each individual channel - these are normally programmed as ALARM LEVEL 1 and ALARM LEVEL 2. 
A common FAULT relay which is activated if any of the channels develops a fault condition. 
The control relays can be user programmed as follows via the configuration menu:- 
Activation on a RISING or FALLING alarm condition. 
ENERGISE or DE-ENERGISE upon activation. 
The control units must be sited in a safe area where there is no risk of the presence of explosive gases. They can be either connected:- 
Directly to gas detector heads or other sensors sited in a non-hazardous area. 
Via safety barriers to suitable certified gas detector heads or other sensors sited in a potentially explosive atmosphere. 
Various safety barriers, audible and visual alarms are available from Status Scientific Controls Ltd - see the Accessories page for further details. 
The LC Series are fully re-programmable. 
Stock No. SS701 - LC Series Single Channel Control Unit 
Stock No. SS702 - LC Series Two Channel Control Unit 
Stock No. SS704 - LC Series Four Channel Control Unit 
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